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ORLEN GroupAnnual Report
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The ORLEN Group's employment policy in 2013, designed to ensure the headcount necessary for the Company’s objectives, was influenced by two key factors. The first was the restructuring at the Unipetrol Group and ORLEN Lietuva Group, which downsized the total ORLEN Group workforce by 391 persons, to 21,565 in 2013. The other factor, resulting in a headcount increase, was our expansion efforts, including the development of the upstream segment (ORLEN Upstream), entry into new markets, and winning of new contracts (ORLEN Asfalt and ORLEN Wir).

Workforce structure

ORLEN Group workforce structure in 2013

ORLEN Group workforce structure in 2013

Workforce as at the end of 2013 and 2012 at the ORLEN Group companies


2013 - Workforce as at the end of 2013 and 2012 at the ORLEN Group companies


2012 - Workforce as at the end of 2013 and 2012 at the ORLEN Group companies

Recruitment policy

In 2013, the ORLEN Group continued its recruitment policy focusing on the attraction of highly qualified experts whose knowledge and skills, together with the experience and professionalism of existing staff, would ensure the continuity and highest quality of the Group's business processes, and would transform PKN ORLEN into a multi-utility. In particular, focus was on acquiring key competences for the mining and power segments. As a result of the acquisition of TriOil, the Group gained specialists in hydrocarbon exploration and production. In the power segment, the Group focused on recruiting technical experts for the new investment project, the CCGT power plant in Włocławek, who, given the project's innovative nature, had to be recruited from abroad.

The Group also worked closely with academic institutions to inspire students and graduates' interest in the operations described above.

The Adaptation Programme, which allows new employees to familiarise themselves with ORLEN Group operations and its organisational culture, was continued. Besides an introductory meeting and workshops with experts, under the Adaptation Programme employees also take part in an e-learning programme covering both Group history and current organisational and employee issues. In 2013, the Adaptation Programme was expanded to include an interactive training programme on values and code of conduct and a meeting with the Ethics Officer for newly hired employees.

Development of the HR functions

As part of the centralisation of HR and payroll processes, the Group continued to develop the Transaction Centre (TC) within ORLEN Księgowość Sp. z o.o. (since January 1st: ORLEN Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych Sp. z o.o.).In 2013, HR and payroll processes were transferred in from subsidiaries, and as at the end of 2013, the TC provided services for 35 companies of the ORLEN Group.

The HR Business Partner function, introduced in previous years, substantially facilitates the implementation of HR solutions and other projects important to the subsidiaries. In 2013, there was much support from HR Business Partners to have the PKN ORLEN's Core Values put into practice. HR Business Partners' support for the entire ORLEN Group enabled timely implementation of the standardised Policy for the Management of the Potential of ORLEN Group Employees and the Code of Conduct in the Group.

Professional development and training

As in the previous year, our activities in professional development and training were focused on enhancing employee qualifications to meet our business goals and develop a positive organisational culture. One fundamental goal of last year's training and development activities was development of management skills. In 2013, together with lectures on the Core Values, a multi-module leadership growth academy was carried out as workshops for the management skills improvement in team management, development of team potential, and feedback and coaching in the work of the manager.

Additionally, key growth-oriented projects were continued, including the talent project and development workshops for the employees of the production and logistics area (Foremen's League, Development Programme for Operators).

As part of all training and development activities within the ORLEN Group, more than 9,000 training sessions took place in 2013.

Student internships and work placement programmes

PKN ORLEN cares for the professional development of not only its own employees, but also young people just entering the workforce, such as university graduates and school leavers, by providing them with an opportunity to gain their first professional experience as interns and on work placement programmes.
PKN ORLEN organised individual, group, and diploma internships. Since 2002 PKN ORLEN has been implementing the Work Placement Programme in collaboration with job centres across Poland. Under the programme, trainees enter different areas of the Company’s business on paid work placements that last several months. In 2013, PKN ORLEN once again sponsored three paid work placements in the nationwide 'Grasz o staż' ('Win a Work Placement') competition, organised by PwC Polska. In 2013, a total of over 350 trainees participated in student internship and work placement programmes at PKN ORLEN.

In addition to internships and work placement programmes, the following educational and informational efforts were directed towards students and school pupils in 2013:

  • 'ORLEN Knowledge Day' – a series of meetings at universities where the best PKN ORLEN specialists familiarise the students with refining and petrochemical production,
  • open day with the Recruitment Team – 'Questions about Recruitment' to support the local job market,
  • PKN ORLEN representatives at job fairs: Engineer Job Fair in Warsaw, Job Fair in Płock, Academic Job Fair in Łódź, AGH University of Science and Technology Job Fair, and Silesian University of Technology Job Fair,
  • participation in the Case Week project – a case study 'Supply chain management in the PKN ORLEN's operations − challenges, optimisation, and tools', prepared by our finance team for the students of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Employee benefits

The ORLEN Group also provides its employees with various benefits, such as co-financing of employee holidays, spa treatment, holidays for children and teenagers, school starter kits, child care, recreation and sports activities, as well as cultural and educational activities, non-repayable allowances, repayable housing loans, and Christmas gifts for employees’ children.

Family-Friendly Employer

As a company introducing modern solutions that aim at maintaining a work-life balance, in 2013 PKN ORLEN introduced the 'Family-Friendly Employer' project. The programme provides solutions for mothers that are to help them reconcile their work and family life.

Efforts to ensure work-life balance are also carried out at the Group level.

Awards and certificates

Our HR policies and practices have been assessed by independent organisations that have evaluated the basic benefits, additional benefits, work conditions, training programmes, career development and the management of the Company’s organisational culture. In 2013, we received the following distinctions as a result of these evaluations:

  • 'Top Employers 2013' certificate – issued following a multi-step certification process by an independent organisation, the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF);
  • 'Universum TOP 10 Ideal Employer 2013 Student Survey' certificate – awarded based on the results of the survey on a sample of more than 25,000 people;
  • first place in the Energy, Gas, Fuels, and Chemistry category in the 'Most Sought-After Employers According to Managers and Professionals in 2013' ranking, carried out by Antal International under the auspices of the Business Centre Club;
  • 'Employer for Engineers 2013' statuette – PKN ORLEN was recognised by students from the technical universities as the best employer for engineers;
  • a place among ten companies awarded with the 'Company for Engineers' title in the annual ranking presenting a list of companies most renowned among technical employees.


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