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ORLEN GroupAnnual Report
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The AB ORLEN Lietuva’s refinery is the second largest ORLEN Group refinery and the only refinery in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

The refinery receives crude oil supplies by sea, via the Būtingė Terminal. The production capacity of the Lithuanian refinery is substantially higher than the local demand, therefore a part of its output is sold on the European markets or to the U.S. (transported by sea).

The changes taking place on the American fuel market have had a material bearing on the operations of the ORLEN Lietuva Group, resulting in exports by sea going down 3% on 2012. At present, the ORLEN Lietuva Group is implementing efficiency programmes, which focus on increasing the depth of conversion and fuel yields and reducing energy intensity of the production processes.

Selected operating data for the Mažeikiai Plant ['000 tonnes / %].

  2012 2013 Change 2013/2012
Crude processing 8,533 9,010  6%
Light distillates   2,769 2,783  1%
Middle distillates  3,881 4,151  7%
Uzysk paliw (%) 1 75 75  0%

1 Fuel yield including flow of products between ORLEN Group production companies.


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