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ORLEN GroupAnnual Report
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As at the end of 2013, the ORLEN Group operated a network of 1,778 service stations in Poland, including 1,263 stations under the ORLEN brand in the premium segment and 358 stations under the BLISKA brand in the economy segment. Our investment programme, which focuses on opening new and modernising the existing service stations, developing our catering services, and loyalty schemes, helped us strengthen our leading position and increase our share of the Polish retail fuel market by 0.7pp, to 35.4%.

PKN ORLEN's main competitors in Poland include Shell, BP, Lotos, Statoil and Lukoil.

Our retail network was extended with 11 new sites, bringing the total number of our service stations to 1,778 as at the end of 2013. In 2013, the ORLEN Group continued to develop its franchise network, increasing the number of DOFO stations to 440 (11 more than in 2012).The share of DOFO stations in the network stood at around 25%.In 2013, 16 new CODO service stations were opened, including 4 motorway service areas. Thirty-six CODO stations were completely rebuilt as part of a project to upgrade the existing sites. At the same time, following detailed business analyses, 16 service stations were closed down.

2013 was the last year for bringing service stations to compliance with the new environmental-protection standards effective since the beginning of 2014. It is estimated that the new regulations will result in the closing down of around 10% of the service stations operating in 2013. This would mainly affect 'no name' stations, because the majority of large networks have already adapted their facilities to the new requirements over recent years.

Taking into consideration customers' growing expectations and changes on the fuel market, we have resolved to re-brand the BLISKA stations and incorporate them under the ORLEN brand. In 2013, the rebranding covered 125 sites. Other developments included continued modernisation of the service stations, ensuring availability of free Internet access at all Stop Cafes, and the ‘Station with a Parcel’ service (parcel collection points) available at 650 sites on a 7x24 basis, addressed primarily to customers who appreciate flexibility and convenience.

A strategic objective for 2014 is to build new service areas on motorways and expressways. We currently operate 29 service areas located on the A1, A2 and A4 motorways and on expressways, of which 19 are already fully operational.

Despite adverse market trends, in 2013 fuel sales volume was only slightly lower than in 2012 and amounted to 5.7bn litres.

ORLEN Group's retail sales volumes on the Polish market (volumes calculated in million litres).


ORLEN Group's retail sales volumes on the Polish market (volumes calculated in million litres) - 2013


ORLEN Group's retail sales volumes on the Polish market (volumes calculated in million litres) - 2012

Increased efficiency was also reported: the average annual sales volume reached 3.5m litres per station, up 1% on 2012. Offering the possibility of paying the motorway toll charge with fleet cards, making the VITAY loyalty programme available to fleet customers and the success of the Biznes Tank programme, proved vital in reaching new customer groups and increasing the fleet sales volume by over 4 pp year on year, to almost 30%.BiznesTank is a fleet programme addressed exclusively to business customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, which buy at least 500 litres of fuels monthly. Towards the end of 2013, the MikroFlota project was also launched. It is expected to reach Polish microenterprises to which fuel cards are currently not available.

Revenue from sale of non-fuel products and services did not change significantly year on year. Despite the growing competition from discount stores, the average non-fuel sales per PKN ORLEN's own effective service station grew by over 3% year on year.

2013 was another year of further development of catering services in our network. Through a continuous effort to broaden the offering and adapt it to customers' changing expectations, we achieved an over 5% year-on-year increase in revenue from catering services. The number of Stop Cafe and Stop Cafe Bistro outlets rose by 234 in 2013, to 1,047 as at the year's end.

The high standard of service at PKN ORLEN's service stations and customers' appreciation of the network were confirmed by the awards and distinctions we received in 2013. One evidence of the success of our catering concept was the first place taken by our service station in Gnilec in the ‘Catering at a Service Station’ category of the ‘Service Station of 2013’ contest organised by Brog Marketing. PKN ORLEN was also awarded the ‘2013 Customer Service Quality Star 2013’ in the Service Stations category under the Polish Customer Service Quality Programme, and the ‘Trustworthy Brand’ title in the survey conducted by Reader’s Digest.


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