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ORLEN GroupAnnual Report
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Sales of refining products

Despite a challenging macroeconomic environment, including a slump in the consumption of fuels and adverse impact of the grey market, in 2013 the volume of refining products sold on the domestic wholesale market rose 3.3% year on year.

Improved sales of light distillates (up 9.4% year on year) followed from stronger sales dynamics of gasoline on the back of new contracts signed by PKN ORLEN with the operators of large service station networks in Poland.

Higher sales of middle distillates (up 3.6% year on year) were chiefly the effect of growing sales of diesel oil, accompanied by lower sales of light fuel oil and Jet A-1 aviation fuel. The large sales volumes of diesel oil reported despite the lower consumption and grey market impact, were achieved through a flexible pricing policy, reflecting the prevailing market trends.

A growth in sales of heavy fractions (up 2.9% year on year) followed from stronger sales of heavy fuel oil, driven by increased activity on maritime markets.

The challenging environment for the refining industry necessitated a series of initiatives to reinforce the position of the ORLEN Group.

The sales processes and wholesale customer service were successfully centralised at ORLEN Paliwa Sp. z o.o. The objective behind the process was to enhance the efficiency of the wholesale segment, to streamline and strengthen individual sales channels, and to further improve the quality of customer service.

Increasing the equity interest in Petrolot Sp. z o.o. has opened new prospects for sales of aviation fuels and airport services. Starting from 2014, sales of aviation fuel were moved from Petrolot Sp. z o.o. to the Wholesale segment of PKN ORLEN, in order to strengthen PKN ORLEN's leading position on the domestic aviation fuel market and facilitate expanding its sales offering to foreign markets. Petrolot Sp. z o.o. will now focus on the storage of aviation fuels and provision of aircraft refuelling services for fuel suppliers.

In 2013, PKN ORLEN launched regular marine sales of heavy fuel oil using its own means of transport. The consistent development of a specialised marine trade unit is a way to expand our competence in this area, continually improve sales performance, and position PKN ORLEN as a trading entity of growing importance on the European market.

Sales volumes of refining products on the Polish market.


Sales volumes of refining products on the Polish market - 2013


Sales volumes of refining products on the Polish market - 2012

To answer growing customer needs, specialised IT tools have been developed to support sales processes.

The key tool used for online customer service at PKN ORLEN is our e-Wholesale platform, through which customers may access data on the progress of their contracts and safely manage their contracts and orders. The application also gives access to information on promotions and reports for customers. In 2013, a number of improvements were made to adjust the platform to ORLEN Paliwa's requirements. As at the end of 2013, over 90% of all sales orders incoming to the system were generated at the e-Wholesale site, while the number of contracts signed with the system users increased by 15% relative to 2012.

The migration of key accounts from PKN ORLEN to ORLEN Paliwa was invisible for the users of the remote management systems. All customers may use the previous electronic document circulation functionality, which has now been enhanced with fast access to current and archived data.

Implementation of the e-invoice functionality has improved the efficiency and safety of document circulation and storage. Being a cost-saving and convenient settlement tool, e-invoice also helps to promote pro-environmental attitudes. In 2013, the number of its users increased by ca. 18%. Currently, the application is used by nearly 90% of all of PKN ORLEN's wholesale customers. It is also very popular among ORLEN Paliwa's customers.

The Self-Service application implemented at ORLEN Paliwa enables the company's customers to schedule fuel collections directly in the terminals' systems. The use of magnetic cards for identifying the scheduled operations has reduced total driver service time by half and has made the authorisation processes for drivers and vehicles simpler and more convenient. Currently, the Self-Service system is in place at all of PKN ORLEN’s own wholesale fuel depots as well as at OLPP’s depots. In 2013, the total number of contracts signed with the users of the system increased by nearly a half, and the number of cards issued by 20%.As at the end of 2013, the system was used by 80% of PKN ORLEN's customers.

With a view to maintaining good relations with wholesale customers, in 2013 a contact centre was made available at ORLEN Paliwa, providing easy access to crucial information for both customers and employees. For the key customers, a dedicated hotline was launched and a call distribution strategy was put in place to improve service quality. Additionally, the system helps us create a knowledge base collecting information on existing and prospective customers.

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