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The Unipetrol Group processes crude oil in the Kralupy and Litvinov refineries. The feedstock is received chiefly through the southern section of the Druzhba pipeline (Litvinov) and TAL and IKL pipelines (Kralupy). The Litvinov refinery may also receive supplies from TAL and IKL pipelines. As at the end of 2013, the Unipetrol Group’s annual production capacity was 4.5m tonnes. Following the increase in Unipetrol's equity interest in Česká Rafinérská a.s. under the agreement executed with Shell in November 2014, the Unipetrol Group's annual production capacity will rise to 5.9m tonnes as of Q1 2014. The lower crude oil throughput recorded in 2013 was chiefly attributable to a regular maintenance shutdown at the Kralupy refinery.

Selected operating data for the Plant in the Czech Republic ['000 tonnes / %].

  2012 2013 Change 2013/2012
Crude processing 3,927 3,607 -8%
Light distillates  942 832  -12%
Middle distillates  1,861 1,715  -8%
Fuel yield (%) 1  79 79  0%

1 Fuel yield including flow of products between ORLEN Group production companies.


The Unipetrol Group is a leading producer of petrochemicals in the Czech Republic. Its main petrochemical production comes from the Litvinov-based polymer and monomer units, which have annual capacities of approximately 600 thousand tonnes and 815 thousand tonnes, respectively.

Total production volume of selected petrochemicals at the Unipetrol Group ['000 tonnes].

Products 2012 2013 Change 2013/2012
Monomers 725 673 -7%
Polymers 513 521 2%
Aromatics 204 188 -8%
Fertilizers 174 1 -99%


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