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ORLEN GroupAnnual Report
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Sales of fuels and other refining and petrochemical products are made possible by the Group’s advanced production assets.

The ORLEN Group operates six refineries, three of which are located in Poland (Płock, Trzebinia and Jedlicze), two in the Czech Republic (Litvinov and Kralupy), and one in Lithuania (Mažeikiai). The Polish and Czech refineries are integrated with petrochemical units, delivering operational and cost synergies.

The Group’s petrochemical segment comprises PKN ORLEN, Basell Orlen Polyolefins (BOP) and the ANWIL Group in Poland, and the Unipetrol Group in the Czech Republic. We are the sole producer of monomers, polymers, and most petrochemicals in Poland and the Czech Republic. In 2011, we launched one of the most advanced terephthalic acid (PTA) units in the world, which allowed us to secure the position of a key PTA supplier in the region.

For wholesale distribution of its refining products, the ORLEN Group relies on efficient logistics infrastructure comprising fuel terminals, onshore and offshore transshipment facilities, a network of product transmission pipelines, as well as road and rail transport vehicles.

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