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Sales of refining products

"In 2013, refineries across Europe were under a strong pressure from adverse macroeconomic conditions, including the lowest refining margins and Brent-Urals differential in more than ten years. Throughout the year, we pursued a number of optimisation initiatives to limit the impact of these factors
We are fully aware of the challenges the refining sector will have to face, and therefore we will strive to further improve our refineries' operating efficiency,"

- said Krystian Pater
Member of the Management Board, Refinery Operations

2013 saw a decline in the basic macroeconomic indicators and deterioration of the conditions prevailing on fuel markets relative to the previous year. Decelerating growth of GDP in the ORLEN Group's markets led to lower consumption of fuels in these countries. Additionally, diesel oil consumption was affected by the grey market, primarily in Poland and in the Czech Republic.

In 2013, the ORLEN Group conducted wholesale of refining products in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Ukraine, as well as (by sea) to West-European cargo-handling terminals.

In Poland, the wholesale of the ORLEN Group's products is carried out by: PKN ORLEN, the ORLEN Asfalt Group, the Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze Group, the Rafineria Trzebinia Group, the ORLEN Oil Group, IKS SOLINO S.A., ORLEN Paliwa sp. z o.o., ORLEN PetroTank Sp. z o.o., Petrolot Sp. z o.o., ORLEN Gaz Sp. z o.o., and SHIP-SERVICE S.A. On foreign markets, the wholesale operations are carried out by: Unipetrol Slovensko s.r.o., Unipetrol Rafinerie s.r.o., Mogul Slovakia s.r.o., Paramo Oil s.r.o. and Paramo a.s. − Unipetrol Group companies operating in the Czech Republic, ORLEN Lietuva Group companies: AB ORLEN Lietuva, UAB Mazeikiu naftos prekybos namai in Lithuania, SIA ORLEN Latvija in Latvia, and OU ORLEN Eesti in Estonia.

In 2013, the refining segment's wholesale went up 2.7% year on year, to 23,198 thousand tonnes, i.e. 64% of the ORLEN Group's total sales volume. Higher sales of light and middle distillates were driven by rising sales volumes in Poland and ORLEN Lietuva's markets. In the Czech Republic, the sales volumes declined. The higher sales of heavy fractions reflect increased volumes of heavy fuel oil sold in Poland and in the Czech Republic.

Volume of refining products sold by the ORLEN Group ('000 tonnes)

Sales of refining products 2012 2013
Markets/product Poland Lithuania Czech
Total Poland Lithuania Czech
Light distillates 1 717   2 669 738   5 124 1 878   2 734 618   5 230
Middle distillates 4 474   3 891 1 592   9 957 4 636   4 150 1 454   10 240
Heavy fractions 2 520  1 727  308   4 555 2 592   1 866 355    4 813
Other 2 768   115 64  2 947 2 755   112 48   2 915
Total 11 479   8 402 2 702   22 583 11 861   8 862 2 475   23 198

Sales volumes of refining products on the ORLEN Group's markets.


Sales volumes of refining products on the ORLEN Group's markets - 2013


Sales volumes of refining products on the ORLEN Group's markets - 2012


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